About Resha Hemp

About Us...
Resha Hemp is founded by a group of diverse, talented, and motivated entrepreneurs dedicated to the development of a company which can provide sustainability to those affected by the extensive drought periods within California moving forward. Resha Hemp utilizes a traditional organization model, which establishes unity and productivity between departments aiding in the development and efficiency of the company.  Additionally, Resha Hemp is capitalizing on industry and production outside of the United States, while focusing on shifting production into the country. Along with the growth of United States manufacturing and agricultural industries through these means, Resha Hemp’s economic future is set to grow and prosper in tandem.
Why Hemp?
Hemp can be used to produce strong, durable and environmentally-friendly plastic substitutes. Thousands of products made from petroleum-based plastics can be produced from hemp-based composites. One acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 2-4 acres of trees. On top of being the most environmentally friendly fabric, Hemp is very sustainable and could outlast other common materials.
Employee of the Month
Melanie Turpin

Meeting Resha Hemp's high standards, Melanie Turpin has acquired the title of Employee of the Month for December! Ms. Turpin has taken the initiative to master the art of QuickBooks and outdo the expectations of the Finance department. Following our mini-trade show in November, she diligently filled out over a hundred sales and her attitude didn't waver for the San Diego trade show, where she started work on the two-hundred plus sales made by our company. Resha Hemp has chosen Ms. Turpin in response to her incredible work ethic and great attitude.
Our Employees
Lauren Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer
Jeffery Wood
Vice President of Business Development
Tiberius Hernandez
Vice President of Product Development
Ninnett Avila
Chief Operating Officer
Max Mody
Vice President of Sales
Jack Clancy
Sales Associate
José Iniguez
Chief Financial Officer
Zachary Cadiz
Vice President of Finance
Melanie Turpin
Finance Associate
Information Technology
Isabella Borda
Vice President of Information Technology
Michael Heinlin
Head Designer
Melanie Turpin
Web Designer
Gurman Dhaliwal
Chief Marketing Officer
Beryl Zhang
Vice President of Marketing
Shivam Patel
Marketing Associate
Human Resources
Elias Abadi
Head of Human Resources
Joseph Fredriksz
Human Resources Associate